Concepcion is Chile’s best City to Live in.

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It’s an amazing moment for Penquista’s (People from Concepcion) because a new study from the University Adolfo Ibañez ranked Concepcion as the best city of Chile to live in. The Territorial Wellbeing Indicator (TWI) takes different parameters like services quality, public infrastucture and enviroment factors that make up an important part of people’s everyday life.

Envirment variables (vegtebale coverage and thermal amplitude, infrastructure ( public road and home constructions) and accesability ( sport equipment, health, green areas, public services, culture and education) are all factors that have positioned the Capital of the Region Biobio like the best city to live.

The variable that most highlighted Concepcion is that it’s vegetable coverage is greater than any other region, it’s greater in the dimension of the environment compared to the median of Chilean cities said Juan Manuel Sanchez to El Mercurio newspaper.

This way, Concepcion surpassed cities like Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, Iquique, Rancagua, Santiago, Coquimbo and La Serena who were one of the best in Urban Life Quality Indicator.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles appears as one of the cities with the lower territorial wellbeing, and Santiago is below the avarage, surppased by Valparaiso, Rancagua and Arica.

The best cities to live in

The next chart shows the cities that fall below the avarage.

Not the worst, but also not the best.

Concepcion is a beautiful City, not just because it’s full of history but because it isn’t a crowded place.