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Costs of road tolls in Chile, how to calculate travel costs with an App.

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

One one of the most common questions people ask when planning car rental trips is “how much will i spend in Tolls?”, “Where do i pay Chilean tolls” and “Where are tolls located in Chile”. We’ve got you covered in under 5 minutes.

In Santiago alone there are 96 electronic Tolls, Luckily you won’t be passing through all of them. In Chile there 287 Tolls scattered around the mayor highways like route 5 panamerican that covers Santiago / Norte Chile, Santiago/South Chile , route 78 that connects Santiago with Valparaiso through Melipilla and route 1 that cover the exclusively the north.

Chile has 3 types of road tolls. The Trunk toll, which is a Main Toll where both side of the highway pay an equal fee, the Lateral tolls which are tolls located at some highway exits that connect to some popular communes and towns, and the electronic transponder that is active only in Santiago, very similar to the NC Quick Pass, E-ZPass, Peach Pass, SunPass electronic pay.

So how to find and calculate toll costs fees in Chile?

With toll pro route finder you can find the total amount you will to pay using Chile’s payed highways and turnpikes

Toll Pro is a mobile app created by BYTECODE Chile that calculates road tolls in Chile with fuel costs. I will quickly explain how to use this tool.

First download the app available for android.

Toll Pro, available for Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, USA…and more

So Once you finish installing the app on your phone and opening it you will be presented with a screen similar like this one.

Main Menu Screen where you can configure your route

Next we go into settings and we configure our vehicle type, performance and gas price per liter. We do this so the app can give us a more precise cost. In our example trip cost we tell the app our vehicle has a fuel economy of 10km per liter, and our liter of gas in Chile at the time of writing this post is 850 Chilean Pesos per Liter. Lastly we select our vehicle type.

Vehicle configuration setup screen.

Once we save, we go back to the main menu and input our Origin and Destination. This could be an address, a city a town, a place or anything. Just enter an origin and destination location then hit the red button “CALCULATE TRIP”, after the loading, the most efficient route to your destination will be presented in a neat map with all the toll costs. Take a look at this.

From Santiago de Chile to Arica.

All values in CLP

The labels in Blue are electronic tolls in Santiago, while the green labels are the Main road tolls and also lateral tolls.

Lets take a look where we take of, in Santiago we pay atleast 6 electronic tolls.

This app also offers a full summary of your costs from Santiago to Arica.

This app also includes an option to find another alternative route that avoid tolls in all Chile, a very handy tool when you have time to travel and don’t care if your trip takes another hour or so, this can help you save 50% of your budget sometimes. So check that out!

We hope that this tool will help you find the cheapest route after you rent a car.