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Driving from Carriel sur airport CCP to Nevados de Chillan’s hot spring pools.

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

About this trip and what can we encounter on our way. We are starting our journey right from Carriel Sur Airport CCP Located in Talcahuano, Concepcion. Then we are going to exit the airport and merge ourselfs into the Ruta del Itata’s route, passing by thousand of hectares of pines, multi million dollar valley businesses, Giant cellulose corp. This trip will last 3 Hours, from Concepcion to Chillan’s Nevados de Chillan. Today’s weather: 22 degrees Celsius .

Start at the airport, So once we pick up our rental car from the airport we can exit the airport and merging ourselfs to jorge Alessandri road, then take left to access Ruta del Itata. once we get here it’s all one lane straight,sort of.

Tolls: Unfortunatly travelling is this route is going to be one of my most expensive since Ruta del Itata has the highest priced toll, fees starting from 4,120CLP (6USD) for cars and trucks. This is the Yellow Water toll maintained by Globalvia, a 6 lane road toll locate 20 miles from the airport.

A lateral toll

Ruta del Itata overall highway condition is in good shape, nice clean roads, all signals are located in easy spots that the driver can identify, although they are all in Spanish you can easily recognize them except for one. I’ve noticed since my last 10+ years driving that the only hard to visualize road sign is the one with the prices.

All I can say is that in some parts of our trip you can notice that there aren’t any barriers separating both roads.

SOS Phone are located about every 10-20 kilometers.

The visuals are incredible, the whole trip is full of valleys, mountains, hectares of pines trees and full of nature. It’s exactly what you would expect from travelling Chilean valley highways.

The Chillan volcano seen from 300 km away



After going through City of Chillan we drive 90 kilometers into Pinto’s Nevados de Chillan, Termas de Chillan where you can observe giant mountains, water falls, campings and tourism activities.

Arriving at our destination, enjoy your trip.

Hotels, Thermal Pools, Spas, Coffee and Bar, Mountain Park, Ski, Ski Classes, Biking, Dog Sledding, Nordic Center, Famous Shangri-la Restaurant. Evacuation in case of emergency.
Enjoying my Pineapple Smoothie



Enjoying my drink next to natural hot spring pool at nevados de Chillan’s Termas de Chillan.