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Getting started with Santiago’s Metro Network

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

Hello, so the first time I used the Santiago metro network it was really confusing, because I did not know where to look for instructions nor guidance. Everything looked kind of sloppy and it’s imposible not to get lost right away. That’s why I remembers all the problems as newbie in the metro and know I’m giving you guys a heads up on how to use this great service.

Complete metro map:

So whenever you step inside a metro station you will find recharge points where you can add a maximum of 20.000clp or about 45usd to your BIP prepaid card.

After you charged your bio card you can pass the security gates that access the metro itself.

Take a look at the horizontal signs, this is the format for the signage that are throughout the metro network, so always look for this design pattern when looking for guidance.

This is another example , as you can see the signage are telling me the directions and name of combinations. Also all signs are translated to English.

Remember that peak hours are more expensive than other hours.

This sign shows me all the metro stations that are left until the ride ends and their combinations.

The metro network is a cheap and fast way you have for travelling inside santiago in a few minutes. Remember that once you have paid for a metro ride you have 2 hours to take any bus completely free!