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How much are tolls in Chile and what to do if i have no cash?

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Chile Travel

Did you know there are over 300 different tolls all together in Chile? Toll Yellow Water or Agua Amarilla is the most expensive toll located in Southern Chile, maintained by the concessionaire Ruta del Itata. This toll road connects the tri-city of Gran Concepcion with the City of Chillan’s exit to Route 5 South.

The exit tolls or lateral toll free are anywhere around 200CLP to 700CLP, and for Trunk or Main Tolls the fees are anywhere between 2,500CLP to 5,000, remember that on weekends the price DOUBLES, yeah…

There’s an app for that

With the mobile app from this post you can easily calculate Chilean road toll prices with live data which will tell you the exact costs of your trip’s tolls.

Can i pay with a credit card Chilean tolls?

Technically yes you can, but you must be a legal Chilean Citizen with a RUT, then you could use a service called AutoPase, which can work like an automatic transponder for some of the most used highway sections, but only covers a small 5% of the total tolls in Chile. So unless you have a RUT, you just have to pay the old fashion way with Cash, Exclusively with Chilean Pesos, no exchange available at toll booths.

What happens if you don’t pay a Chilean toll?

Has it happened to you that you get to a toll booth and you’ve got no money to pay, so what do you do? and also what are the consequences?

First of all this can happen in many different scenarios. Like if you don’t pay any fees for Santiago’s payed highway system then you could face fines upto 3 times as much as the tolls actual value at the time of passing by, and that is not all, you still have to sum up all the interest that add up each month if you don’t pay.

In other cases, like trunk tolls or lateral tolls if you don’t pay you could face fines that triple or quadruple the toll fee.

No Money? No problem

So this has happened to everyone at some point of their lives. You reach a toll and you’ve got no cash on you, what are your options? What can you do? Let me tell you what you DON’T want to do, and that is to just keep going and break the barrier. There are cameras that will eventually read your license plate, contact your can rental and chanrge them 5x the fee price, then you will have to pay it with fines and interest.

What to do?

OPTION 1: Just ask the toll booth cashier nicely that you lost some cash and if she can let you pass until you can reach the nearest ATM, get some money out and return to pay.

OPTION 2: Tell the toll booth cashier to let you to the emergency lane, turn of your car and ask people for small donations, they will understand! Give them your phone, your email or tell them you will be paying back, (I hope you do, promise that!)

OPTION 3: If you can do a wire transfer with your app ask someone if you can transfer them in that moment so they can hand you some cash.

Never break the barrier, never pass behind the car that’s in front of you. The toll booths look old and crappy, but they have more than 3 cameras that point to car license and windshield so they can recognize your face. You will eventually have to pay the price upto 4-6 times more + interest.

Hope this helps.