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Rent a car at the Airport vs City in Concepcion?

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

Ok so today i was asked via Facebook which of the two options was the cheaper one, renting a car at the airport or in the city. Guess what i found out…

So i called multiple rent a cars in CONCEPCION, CHILE, asking them for rental fees. I tried Rosselot, Hertz, Europcar, Budget. They all answers and i asked for a citycar, this is what i got.

For citycars like a kia morning they all asked between 43-55USD (tax included) (about 30.000CLP) daily at the airport. Surprisingly at the city’s shop they charged 5 dollars less. It is not much but I have never done that experiment.  So guys you now know how to save some bucks, don’t rent cars at the airport but do them at the city. Besides you have way more options.

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