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Rent a car o take a tour in Atacama?

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

Ok, so I get asked this question a lot and the truth is it all depends on your Freedom and money. Tourist says that they enjoy the freedom of just going anywhere driving, no strings attached, no schedules to meet, no guides to follow, just you and your desire to travel.

What is cheaper?

This is a very broad question because every cent counts, but from my experience (Chilean traveling through chile for the last 15 years) it’s way cheaper to just rent a car and do the tours by yourself. By MYSELF?? WOW THERE…

Yes, for example do you really need a guieded tour in the atacama dessert to tell you about the history of the worlds driest place? Just read the wikipedia article on the atacama desert while you actually visit it and you’ll be saving all the money that tour packages charge you for the same thing. It’s all free, no need to hire some tour guides. 

Most of my tourist friends tell me thay they though that visiting Chile was cheaper and it IS, but you don’t know that. For example a guided tour to the atacama desert can charge you about 160 USD for 3 day tours, you can do the same tour in 2 days for 80 bucks…without the wine of course and the pretty words from the guide.

Rent a car, cheaper than buying a tour pack.

So, if you decided to rent a car and do the guide yourself you’re going to save a lot whole of money, double that if your coming with your friend.

With all the money you save from doing the tour yourself, you can rent a car and have the freedom to go just anywhere (because guided tours are that.. guided and limited). What if you want to see the full moon at 2 AM, well, you cannot do that with the guided tour because you will be back at the hostel at 11PM.

I will be adding more content to help your visit to chile more enjoyable and cheaper, you don’t need a lot of cash to travel in chile if you spend it in the right places. Have a nice day.

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