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Renting a car in Chile and driving to Argentina

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

So you want to take this awesome experience of driving through The Great Los Andes Mountains and get to Argentina, you made an excellent choice. Let me tell you what we know about this trip.

First of all you might have some questions in mind like for example, is it possible to rent a car in Chile and take it to Argentina? Can i drop the car in Argentina and then rent another car and take it back to Chile? What rent a car services offer international pickup and dropoff? We’ve encountered these scenarios and asked the same questions.

Not every Rent-a-car company in Chile or in Argentina offers international drop off, this is because 75% of all rent a car companies are just local to their countries, and don’t have any partnerships with other rent a car companies. The other 25% do support pickup and drop off in other countries so you might want to search on the a bit, it all depends on where you start and where you want to drop off your car. Some Companies like Hertz or Eurocar do offer international pick up and drop-off. Later this month i will create a full list of companies that support this feature.

What can i expect

What are some travel costs from Chile to Argentina?
This answer is going to vary depending on what part of Chile you are starting from, but lets say you are going from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza, here are all the costs concerning traveling.

Lets pretend you rent a car that goes at least 10Kilometers per liter or 23.5MPG. Using an app called TollPro that words in South America and also USA and Canada we get these values.

All values are in CLP (Chilean Peso)
Between tollls and fuels you will spend about 35.000CLP from Santiago to Mendoza, not that much if you think about it, a bus will cost you about 20.000 for 1 passenger.

Some more information, remember all values are in CLP.

What can i expect from this trip?

You can expect beautiful landscaped between Los Andes and all the way to Argentina. The whole road is is very good condition, the best part is the famous “Cuesta Cristo Redentor”, its a road made years back, it was the only accessible way to Argentina and its famous for its Snail like trail.

The “Cuesta Caracol”

At the top the is Cristo Redentor, the lookout Christ redeemer.

The aduanas or Customs

It is obligatory to pass through the customs in the part of your trip. You will be asked for personal information, things you are bringing to Argentina (and vice versa) and also your rent a car information. There are also some forms you need to fill up, estimated waiting times: between 1 hour and 3 hours.

Arriving in Argentina

Once you cross the border and you’re in Mendoza you can drop off your car or use it to travel. (Depends on your contract with the rent a car). Fuel es very cheap in Argentina, about 60% cheaper than Chile’s fuel prices so it’s something you wont worry about, eating is also cheap in argentina. What is not cheap is Comfort.

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