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Renting a car in chile requirements

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

Minimum Age: You need to be atleast 18 or 22 years of age to be eligible to rent a car, and for each rent a car company is different, mostly 22 years old because they ask for a major credit card.

Passport: You need a passport to fly to chile, and you also need a passport to rent a car in chile.

Driver’s License: Rent a car companies do not check your Driver’s license for penalty points, they just want to check if you know how to drive, or if you atleast know how to shift gears.

Credit Card: This is a big one because they ask you for your credit card of any major company like Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, etc. Why you ask? Well because if you crash your car least you have to pay for any damages.

Deductible 15 Unidad de Fomentos + Iva: Now if you don’t understand what this means it is basically you need to have at least 15 UF ( 1 UF = 26.800CLP) to cover any damages, different means atleas 580 USD, just in case for cars, and 20UF for Trucks, Jeeps or vans.

Deductible 50 UF for total loss, at least vehicle: Thats right, you will be discounted about 2000USD if you different your car in an accident.

The client must comply with the politics of any car rental service: Yes, you must agree to the terms of service before you sign any paperwork, they must have an english copy of any paperwork. If it’s not eligible or understandable, please don’t sign anything.

Have a nice trip in chile! Send your questions in.

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