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Should i rent a car in chile or take a public / private bus?

Chile Travel

Chile Travel

One of the biggest question when you plan your flight to Chile is if it’s better to rent a car or do it the hard way, that is taking the bus. But why hard? Isn’t it supposed to be easy to use public transportation system to get around? The answer to that is yes, but even Chileans don’t get to enjoy the public transportation that much, and for travelers, it will mean that you won’t get to experience that spontaneous feeling you usually get while you see something unexpected on the road.

Having time is everything

It all comes down to your schedule. If it’s a tight one or if you are doing multiple different activities throughout the day then taking the bus isn’t going to be the very best option. Renting a car takes a few hassles off your trip and will definitely make your worthwhile better. Take for example a trip from Santiago to Chillan using the route 5 road to experience one of the best Snowboarding experiences in the world. On this 4 hours 22-minute road trip, there are other multiple activities that you can do that wouldn’t be possible to do by going by bus.

Security using public transportation

It’s not the best in the world, but you’ll get around. One of the most common things attractions have heard from tourist is the lack of security they feel while travelling through some cities on micros or definitely like wherever. While the police in Chile is trying to do the best they can, the security tourist feel will all depend on where you are.

Doing things right

If you have the money or if you have the time then go for it, it will definitely make your trip a smoother one and you will get to spontaneously feel the freedom to just go where ever you want including tourist atractions along the way in your road trip. By using private bus not only will you enjoy the comfort of modern buses but it will assure you will get to your destination safely without an exception like a flat tire or another unexpected circumstance. We are not fans of using public transportation by night.

I hope you enjoy our post, more coming soon.

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